Renting an Exotic Car via Dubai Car Rental Service

Dubai has been drawing different sightseers for years because of the extraordinary attractions in the city  It is famous for the elegance it has and for many other reasons, Dubai has become one of the most prominent business centres around the world. With the overwhelming architecture and inexpressible beauty, this city can help you in exploring your dreams. And to enjoy such beauty, you will need to have a car. For that reason, you don’t have to buy a car here, you can rent one for your entire trip.

You can have luxurious cars for renting as there are so many car rental service providers. There are so many models of rental cars available and you can choose any of them as per your choice and intake capacity. They also come within your budget so, you don’t have to spend too much of your money. If you don’t have the right knowledge about the traffic rules in Dubai, then it might be a bit tough to drive a car yourself in the city. In such circumstances, you can hire a chauffeur to drive the car for you and guide you.

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Things to Consider Before You Rent Car in Dubai:

Due to the soaring temperatures, the maintenance and the servicing costs are quite high in Dubai. That’s why renting such luxurious cars is always a great idea. However, there are a few things to consider before you go to rent a car in Dubai.


If you have ever been on a foreign trip, then most probably you might have dealt with different car renting service providers. There are so many of them in different countries or more specifically in different cities. You can visit the website of these service providers to get familiar with their services. It’s also a better idea to compare the car rental companies in the entire UAE. If you don’t compare them wisely, then you might not get the services at the best affordable rates. Depending on the time of each year, the rates fluctuate and they can also be bartered with.

Pay Per Key

Apart from the short term and long term car renting services, UAE-based car rental companies offer another option. Except billing for a specific period of time, they provide you with the option to pay for how much distance you travel in the city. With such an option, you only have to pay for the kilometres you are driving and this process is monitored with the help of a mobile app.

There are kilometre bundles, that you need to buy before driving the cars. You can also get to top up the kilometres as per your requirements. In every month, you are credited with 1000 free kilometres and whatever kilometres are left that you haven’t used is rolled over to the next month for use.

Whatsoever, once you have reached the 0 km, you must top up your kilometres. If you fail to do so, then you might have to pay three times the price of your existing monthly policy. In cities like Abu Dhabi and Dubai, this option is the best choice for every visitor. This is not a good option for those who like to travel further afield. If you are doing the Abu Dhabi-Dubai commute every day, then you shouldn’t opt for this option.

Long Term

Majority of the time, the car aggregation sites won’t help you so much when it comes to long-term car renting services. It will help you a lot if you go to a company and talk to its representatives verbally about this long-term rate. There are many companies that offer some of the most competitive rates in this field.

They should also be open to negotiation with the rates they offer in this long-term services. As already discussed time is a very crucial fact in availing these services. If it’s winter, then you might be less successful to barter for a good rate. This happens because there are more people in the country than they are in the summer season. You can always count on connecting with the Dubai Car Rental as there you will get the best long-term car renting services.


The time over which you are paying off the bill is always the differentiator between leasing and renting a car in Dubai. When you go for leasing a car, that means you are renting it for at least 1 year. As long as the contract goes, the monthly price will get cheaper. There are some rental companies, who often buy a brand new car for you if you agree to a certain length of the lease.

Whatever the reasons are, it always depends on what kind of rental rate you are dealing with while renting a car. There are many facts that you need to take care of like loan interest, insurance, maintenance, and even the registration. Most of the traditional rental companies can offer you several leasing options as per your requirements. For monthly car rental in Dubai, you can go to different agencies and ask for them this leasing.

Super-Short Term

Do you need a car for about an hour or less than that? Then, with this newest concept of hiring different cars in Dubai, you get the full flexibility to do so. There are some companies in the UAE which are dedicated to offering you such functionalities. You don’t have to worry about anything as there is someone else taking the wheel for you permanently.

For an average motorist, it will take a little while to get their head around as the concept of super-short-term renting is entirely new. The process to get in such services is so convenient for the users. You only need to select your app and download it and then register yourself as their user. After that, find a car for yourself and use the built-in map to go to your desired location.

Once you hire a car, you don’t have to wait longer as the cars are spread out. All you need to do is to pull up the app and make a search for the location where you want to go. Too many humans are not required in this process as you need in the other types of rental companies. After you locate the vehicle, use the PIN to unlock it and to do that, you have to use the app.

So, these are the basic options that you need to know if you want to rent a car in Dubai within your budget. With this wide range of services, you can get to your destination without facing any trouble further.

Top Tips to Know About Dubai Car Rental Services:

Whenever you go to a company and ask for their rental services, you need to pass through some agreements with the company. Usually, this rental agreement includes each aspect that you need while driving a car. You have to pay for the insurance and it’s up to you to check the insurance policy carefully. In the following section, we are going to discuss some of the best of them to make you informed about the terms and conditions.

  • Roadside assistance.
  • Replacement of the vehicle.
  • Recovery and different breakdowns.
  • Maintenance and servicing of the car you are about to use.

They are the most generic policies that you’ll find in the agreement between you and the car rental company. So, if you need any kind of fixing due to some reasons, then it’s on the company to bear the expenses.

The Extra Costs

When you are driving a car outside of your country, then there might be some occasions where you have to bear some extra costs. Some of the extra costs that usually the travellers pay on their foreign trip are mentioned in the section below.


Most of the rental companies charge you an admin fee for some circumstances where you might fall in while driving. There is a certain percentage that adds to the total cost of the fine which you have to pay. On each toll gate, you pass through they frequently charge you with at least an extra dirham.

Personal Accident Insurance

There are certain companies that follow different terms when it comes to different insurance policies. Some of them ask for one-time payment whereas some of them prefer another medium. But they might be so high in their costs no matter which option you are offered by the rental company.


The agreement that you have made with the company should be gone through very carefully. Ensure that you have checked the kilometres per year that you have agreed to with the company. If you want yourself to be out of such caveats, then make sure that you haven’t crossed the kilometre limit.

Canceling your Lease Early

Sometimes, users want to terminate their agreement which leads to paying some extra costs. Such premature termination of the contract is really a bad experience that many users face. Hence, to keep yourself out of such situations, you need to read the terms and condition wisely.

What Documents You Should Have While Opting for Dubai Car Rental

Whenever you are going to a car rental company, you will need some documents to show them. In the following section, we are going to list the documents that you’d need to produce in front of a car rental company in Dubai.

  • The scanned copy of the passport.
  • The scan of the Visa page of the passport.
  • You’ll also need a scan of valid UAE driving license from both the sides.
  • If you are specified, then you’ll also need to carry the scan of the origin driving license.
  • The scan of Emirates Id is also needed from both the front and back sides.
  • A deposit which will be refunded when the agreement ends of your lease.

These are the main documents, that most of the rental companies ask for. You need them if you want to have their rental services.

Ending Note

So, this is where our discussion of different aspects of car rental services in Dubai ends. We hope that the information you gathered from the above section would be really helpful for you. Before availing the rental services, there are these important factors that you should be aware of.



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