Need A Car with Driver in Dubai? Here’s What You Need to Know

Booking a car with a driver is one of the most effective ways to roam around in Dubai without any hassle. If you visit Dubai to spend your vacation and want to visit the points of interest, sight-scene then Car Rental is the most obvious choice which you can opt for. The concerned driver will pick you up from the hotel or home where you are residing. Almost every driver is well trained and are quite familiar with the Dubai traffic rules and regulations. Moreover, they are well versed in English and hence can easily communicate with a newcomer in Dubai. You can pay the driver on the basis of the kilometres you travel and that too via the mobile app. Hence, this will give a hassle-free ride along with comfort and relaxation. Therefore, this informative blog will guide you to get the best Dubai Car Rental Services and that too at a budget-friendly rate.

car rental in Dubai

Cars Available with Drivers in Dubai

You can easily rent an exquisite luxury car such as BMW, Audi A8, and also other sedan cars. They come with the premium package. However, if you are searching for bigger cars with driver, you can easily rent a Toyota Previa which can accommodate up to 7 passengers. Searching for much more bigger ones? Mercedez Benz Vito and Rolls Royce can give you the best deal since it can accommodate more than 7 passengers.

In Dubai, as well as in Emirates the most demandable cars include SUVs such as Cadillac Escalade, Toyota Land Cruiser along with drivers. Economy cars are not permitted for Monthly Car Rental Dubai services. This is done with the intent of safeguarding the interest of available drivers. Moreover, it maintains a good quality level for potential customers.

Long Term facilities

Browsing normal car sites may not give you the best deal for long term rentals. You won’t be able to negotiate. Henceforth, it is advisable to confront the company owner directly and you can retaliate. Renting a Car in Dubai services can provide you with the best competitive rates and open for arbitration. Timing is very important in this regard. Therefore, if you are looking for the best deal in winter, you might not be successful than in summer due to a fewer number of residents.

Such a service can be obtained from the registered Car Rental Services in Dubai. A professional chauffeur can be assigned to work with your organization on a contractual basis. The driver always comes with Volvo S-90 sedan or maybe Toyota Land Cruiser. He will always be there in your location for the agreed duration as per the deal.

Cost include

The entire cost comprises of fuel cost, driver’s remuneration and the hours spent as mentioned in the journey. Extra hours are always chargeable as and when required. Additional charges can be imposed for the journeys while travelling outside Dubai. Please take into consideration that you need to pay 5% VAT additionally in UAE.

Booking price based on categories

We have a variety of offers mostly for bulk bookings. Suppose, you can hire a good XUv car at a very low budget for 10 hours and can roam across Dubai at ease. Moreover, you can also avail cheaper options just for 5 hours. Also, if you are searching for exotic cars you can easily opt for Rolls Royce service.

Short Term Purpose

Looking to hire from Dubai Car Rental Service for an hour? Irrespective of the duration of time, Car Rental Dubai service can give you the best deal. Maybe you need a car for 10 minutes or 10 hours, the UAE’s latest car hiring concept can serve you the best. This short term service is a niche concept and thereby very beneficial for most of the tourists.

Best Tips

Here are some of the best tips for Car Rental Services in Dubai. Let’s have a close look

Inclusive Part

The Rental Agreement comprises of

  • Roadside Assistance
  • Recovery as well as Breakdowns
  • Replacement of Vehicles
  • Maintenance as well as servicing.

Therefore if you meet with an accident, the car will require effective fix and you don’t have to worry about that since Rent a Car in Dubai at Budget can sort that out.

Surplus Costs

The Car Rental Services in Dubai will impose an additional amount if you get a parking fine, 20% above the fine’s total cost. You will also be charged an additional amount on each and every toll gate. Please ensure the number of kilometres you travel. This is owing to the fact that many rental services may put you under caveats to incur extra money because of travelling over the speed limit. There are some companies who can ask you for a one-time payment in order to cover up the accident insurance.

Early termination of the contract can lead to huge fee payment. Sometimes, it might rise up to four months of the lease rate.

Documents Required to Put Up

Ensure that you have the following documents

  1. Passport scan.
  2. Scan copy of visa page.
  3. Valid UAE driving license
  4. Photocopy of original driving license.
  5. Scanning of Emirates ID.
  6. A deposit refunded for lease or rental agreements.


The price of the rental car mainly depends on a particular season. If you are looking for a vehicle during the summer months, then there is more probability of getting that customer at a low price. While in winter, only a few people are away during seasonal breaks. Henceforth, there is a rise in the price of the Car Rental agencies in Dubai.


When you are having a residence visa in your passport, then it is mandatory to have a UAE driving license. Visitors coming here for vacation must have an international driving license or home driving license in order to roam across the country. But if you are here for long term purpose, you need to change the drivers periodically while renting a car. Also, the rules and regulations have undergone a huge change for the past couple of years. You have permission to travel using your friend’s car, instead of hiring from the Rent a Car in Dubai as long as insurance agency is in agreement.

Final Remark

Hopefully, this article will guide you for the best Car Rental Services in Dubai. Also, you need to adhere to rules and regulations mentioned in this blog in order to relish the hassle-free journey. Rent a Car in Dubai is no longer an uphill task now and you can easily avail that if you have proper documents. Moreover, please go through the user manual to have a quick glance. In case of any opinion or confusion, let us know with your feedback below.



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